Hot Topic; Women Advertise more than Men?

Alright it’s another Monday and time for another Hot Topic. Recently I noticed that women advertise themselves and what they are doing more than men. Women put their work, efforts, etc out tot he public more than men. What’s up with that?

When running a business, I see the inside of a lot of things. How business owners truly handle themslves. How important one marketing tool is to another and more but I never truly paid attention to the difference between males and females when it comes to marketing.

My magazine ran a campaign recently that spotlighted men. Not one man posted anything about themselves or what they are doing. I of course do not have the answer to this so at the end of my blog, I hope you can give me an answer. But when we spotlighted the women, the ads were coming in.

My magazine did another feature a few weeks later that only received submissions from women. Why? What is it about men that they are not as big in advertising as we are? Maybe it’s the fact that most women are outspoken, confident and outgoing so spreading the word about themselves and what they love comes natural. I know for me anytime I see the opportunity to talk about me and my books, I’m telling everyong 🙂 So it truly makes me wonder why men are not as big on advertising.

Today, I need you guys to speak to me. Help me understand why women advertise themselves and what they are doing more than men?

Before we end today’s blog…

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One thought on “Hot Topic; Women Advertise more than Men?

  1. This one is beyond me. I have plenty of male author friends on facebook, but the majority of the posts are the women authors. Also, there’s an all-male meeting coming up soon that I’m hosting, and I’m barely getting any responses from the male authors! Maybe it’s a pride thing…really not sure about that.

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