Writer’s Checklist

I’m debuting my list again! Print it out and keep it handy for writing your book!

Today I am giving you a check list for writing your book. I have created a document that I want to share. I’ve already shared it with those I meet with weekly on the Authors and Writers Meeting but if you haven’t showed your face there, I’m posting this checklist here.  View below:

Writing Checklist

Use this list below to make sure you have taken the correct steps to prepare for writing your book. These steps ARE in order!

  • Gather your notebook full of ideas to help you write this story
  • Decide on the story you are going to write (refer to help me write my book document)
  • Do your character profile. Make sure it’s complete
  • Do your outline. Make sure it’s complete
  • Ask yourself if you’ve developed your characters enough.
  • Start your book with a prologue (optional)
  • Write your book
  • Refer to your outline throughout the book
  • Finish writing your book
  • Add an epilogue (optional)
  • Put it away for a week or two before you start editing
  • Start editing your book

Have questions? Email me:

Dominique Watson


Before we end today’s blog…

The other document I want to share will help you with the concept of your book. It’s called “Help me Write my Book” If you are interested in receiving this document, please use the email address above to email me and get this document sent to you.

Signing Off,

Dominique Watson


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