Hot Events: 2010 Live Ladies of Literature Summer 2010 June events

For the next three days and on the 26th, I will be giving the spotlight to some great events that are happening around the literary world. Be sure to check the blog today and the next two day for info and come back again onthe 26th!
June 12th.****
Say It Loud I’m Black College Proud Seminar
Catch Authors Tracie Christian and Adra Young at the WI-FI Cafe on June 12th from 11:00am until 1:00pm for their “Say It Loud I’m Proud (HBCU) Historical Black Colleges Universities workshop for the youth. Ranging from ages 13 and up,this workshop was designed to educate and inform the youth about the history of Black Universities and Colleges.
Please have your son or daughter bring their lap top computers. The address is 14510 E. Jefferson.

June 12th.****
A Guide to A Book In You Self Publishing Workshop
Proceeding directly after-wards, from 1:00pm until 3:00pm, the Live Ladies of Literature will conduct a self publishing seminar titled, “A Guide to a Book in you” for individuals ranging for 18 and up. Individuals will have the opportunity to learn the steps necessary to become a published author. The address is 14510 E Jefferson.

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